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Anthony P. Orlich is a business development professional and hobbyist who participates in a wide variety of activities. Anthony enjoys reading, cooking, spending time with friends and family, watching films and television shows, painting, playing both soccer and tennis, and has experience playing the guitar and trumpet. Previously, Anthony worked at a school for children with Down Syndrome and as a camp counselor and volunteered weekly at soup kitchens to support disenfranchised members of his community.

Anthony Orlich speaks to how exploring a range of activities in his free time has been key to his personal development and mentions that it is a great way to learn more about the world around you and yourself in the process.

Anthony P. Orlich on How to Start Volunteering in Your Local Community

Anthony P. Orlich

As a volunteer with years of experience, Anthony P. Orlich acknowledges that one of the most interesting parts about volunteer work is that there are so many ways that one can contribute to enriching their local community. Much like other endeavors, one of toughest things for many is starting out, which is why it is helpful to have an idea of some ways to begin the process and truly make a difference.

Here, Anthony Orlich explores a few ways that individuals can quickly start volunteering and contribute to spaces that align with their causes.

Identify Causes That You Would Like to Support

In the beginning stages of exploring the volunteer space, it is always a good idea to consider the causes that you are interested in and want to support. Common examples are fighting homelessness, civil rights, food insecurity, improving access to resources for at risk members of our communities, and helping shelter animals, however, there are hundreds of causes that may pique your interest and inspire you to get involved. By researching a few of your favorite causes and gaining insights on the work being done on the front lines, potential volunteers can quickly learn ways they can contribute. Anthony Orlich maintains that even choosing one or two areas to home in on can be a great first step for improving your focus and getting started.

Research Volunteer Organizations in Your Area

Once you have a clear idea of the causes that you would like to support, it can be helpful to research local organizations that could use a helping hand. In today’s landscape, finding great opportunities for volunteer work can be as simple as going online and checking to see which orgs are currently working towards the causes that interest you the most. Research can also be valuable for figuring out what exactly these groups need, upcoming events, and additional ways that you can show support such as donation, contributing to drives, etc.

Consider Your Skills and Interests

We all have skills that could lend themselves well to volunteer work, and considering what you have to offer is excellent for maximizing your impact. For example, if you have experience with food prep, cooking, or handling, maybe a local soup is the right place for you to start. Great with animals? Consider reaching out to a local shelter or animal wellness organization. Anthony P. Orlich speaks on how starting volunteer work focusing on skills you already have is a great way to bring a level of comfortability to your first volunteer experiences. This is not to say that you cannot use volunteering as a way to explore new interests and skills as well, however.

Think of Your Goals as a Volunteer

Another important thing to consider as a potential volunteer are your goals. For example, you may have a goal based on how often you can volunteer per month or linked to developing new skills. Whatever your goals are, it is always a sound idea to try to think of both the short and long term. There is no rush to meet any of these goals, they exist mainly to provide context to the work that you are doing as a volunteer. Anthony Orlich mentions that it can be beneficial to reevaluate your goals at different points in your volunteer journey. Considering your own wants, needs, and goals may sound alien to people since they are venturing into the volunteer world to help others, however, it is important for remaining motivated and committed to the process of giving back.

Reach out to Organizations That Align with Your Goals

After thinking about the causes that interest you, your goals, and researching local organizations, it is time to really get into the swing of giving back. Many are surprised to learn that local organizations will put you right to work after you express interest, possibly apply, and sign up. There are so many deserving organizations out there that need assistance, so much so that you can likely find one that will utilize your skills or even give you a chance to explore something new.

Keep Learning and Trying Your Best

No one starts volunteering with all of the knowledge that they need to perform at their best. Even if you are volunteering with an organization that you are familiar with or a cause that you have been interested in for years, there are always going to be things that you may not have considered in terms of leading teams, setting up programs, facilitating outreach, you name it. Going in knowing that you have a lot to learn is key for getting the most out of your experience and growing as a volunteer. Remember to try your best and try to take any challenges in stride.

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